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WordPress development, hosting and support for SME's

If you’re looking for industry-leading WordPress content management, development, hosting or support, all this is available right here in the heart of Brisbane's CBD.

OSE support a wide variety of clients using WordPress to deliver engaging, scalable, easy to update websites and blogs. Whether you’re just starting out with WordPress or looking to partner with a team of specialists to support your service, OSE can assist you.

WordPress development

WordPress is a fantastic platform for developing websites and blogs which are simple to use, highly effective content marketing tools, and a valuable resource for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for a team of Brisbane-based WordPress developers who have years of experience working with WordPress to deliver a diverse array of services, you’re in luck.

OSE develop WordPress websites for organisations ranging from start-ups, to SME’s, to large private sector clients, to Government agencies who are looking to develop and support WordPress web solutions.

Our team prides itself on delivering fast-loading, SEO friendly WordPress websites that you can easily enhance over time; so you can be sure when you’re working with OSE you’re working with Brisbane’s best WordPress development agency.

Scalable hosting services

Selecting where you host your WordPress solution is an important step in delivering a successful online solution.

At OSE we provide a range of WordPress hosting solutions for customers looking to ensure that the people who know your website best, also host your website and are responsible for fixing any issues that may arise.

We provide 24/7 WordPress hosting support at market-leading rates. From hosted brochure websites all the way up to enterprise blogs which take advantage of Content Distribution Networks (CDN), our team of WordPress hosting experts know how to ensure your WordPress instance will stay running fast over time, is secure and extremely reliable.

So if you're looking for assistance hosting your WordPress service, OSE can help you architect a solution tailored to your needs.

Affordable WordPress support

Supporting your WordPress service requires an experienced team of professionals passionate about the WordPress platform with the knowledge to deliver.

At OSE we support a vast array of clients using WordPress and offer packages specifically tailored to suit your application.

When you engage OSE to support your WordPress site you’ll gain 24/7 access to our purpose-built support console where one of our WordPress developers can assist you with your request.

Whether you’re looking to build new features into your site, fix a bug, or simply partner with an agency that understands your WordPress instance inside and out that can act as an extension of your marketing or IT team, OSE has got you covered.

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Why our WordPress development team is #1

Selecting a WordPress development agency can be tricky, after all there are a number of suppliers out there who claim to be experts. Discover what makes our WordPress team stand head and shoulders above the competition and how we can help your business grow.

Our commitment to excellence

If you’ve ever been involved in WordPress development or launched a WordPress site, you’ll know that there’s a right and wrong way to develop for WordPress.

At OSE we pride ourselves on developing to industry best-practice standards for WordPress, and are passionate about helping you communicate your content online through via a combination of easy to navigate site structure and visual design.

Our team know that we’re only as good the last piece of work we produce, and bring this mindset into every site we build. If you're looking to produce a site built in WordPress you can be sure when working with OSE you’re going to get a great product you'll be able to showcase for years.

Years of WordPress development experience

At our OSE, our developers have a minimum of 5 years WordPress experience and know what it takes to deliver a top-notch WordPress site.

When working with WordPress we know that a quality implementation is all about producing a WordPress solution that will scale with your business needs over time, and we build our code in accordance with this philosophy.

From the implementation of custom child themes, to optimisation of CSS modules, restricted use of third-party plugins, and site speed audits, an OSE-built WordPress solution will always outperform the competition because we take what we’ve learn from the enterprise development arena and apply it to WordPress technologies.

Expertise in multiple languages and platforms

Because OSE offer expertise in enterprise custom web development solutions, our team bring an extremely high level of competency to the table when engaged by our clients.

Not only does our team posses expertise in all the common languages and technologies used to produce WordPress sites (i.e. HTML, CSS, JS and PHP), but we also have knowledge in many other languages and platforms which allow us to extend your WordPress instance well beyond what you thought was possible.

If you’re looking to take your WordPress site or blog to the next level, our team of senior technical architects and developers can change the way you work with WordPress.