We connect businesses with ready-to-spend customers by building their platform for success. At OSE we specialise in the design and delivery of functional eCommerce solutions.

Your journey. Moving you forward.

At OSE we work with a diverse range of customers at different stages of their business journey. Whether you’re launching your first eCommerce store, looking to update your existing store, replatform or are looking for a partner who can assist you to deliver more sales and reach a wider audience, OSE can assist.

Our technical capability

What makes OSE different is our attention to detail and our ability to deliver complex eCommerce solutions. In-house our team specialise in web development for eCommerce.
This means we have proven expertise in:

  • User Experience (UX) design for eCommerce
  • Web development across the Magento and WooCommerce platforms
  • Hosting of your eCommerce store
  • Setup of inventory management systems
  • Configuration of online shipping services
  • Implementation of Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Development of custom system integration services
  • Automated customer segmentation and marketing

Discovery & Design workshops for eCommerce

Whether your primary audience is B2B, B2C or a blend of both market segments, understanding who your customers are within these groups is a must.

Our experience working in the eCommerce sector has proven that the value of taking the time to not only understand your target market, but the opportunities that exist within your business are integral to your forward-movement. In our Discovery & Design workshops, we aim to uncover:

  • Blockages in your current workflow
  • Opportunities for increased revenue
  • Where your current systems are letting you down
  • How technology can support your future business goals
  • What your customers expect from your user experience
  • The roadmap for your eCommerce success

Continued support for your eCommerce platform

Maintaining a successful eCommerce store requires merchants to listen to their customers and continually refine and support their service.

At OSE, we take the same approach to our support business and have refined our offering to meet the needs of both small and large clients. We offer a multi-channel support business that that you can utilise to support your service. This includes our:

  • Support Portal
  • Account Management team
  • Support Email
  • Support Phone Line

Questions? We love to help. Supporting our clients is our #1 priority.

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