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At OSE, we’re committed to providing the highest possible level of service when it comes to your online business.

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Whether you’re a Commerce Cloud, On-Premise or Community customer, our Magento developers know what it takes to set you up for success online.

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Magento development you can rely on.

We admit it. At OSE, we really love and are passionate about all things Magento.

So, if you’re based in Melbourne and are looking for a team of Magento developers who know how to deliver top quality work, look no further than OSE.

From our industry-leading design, development and support practices, to our comprehensive user acceptance testing (UAT) procedures; our business is setup to ensure you have a digital partner you can rely on.

Customers we work with

  • Fox Racing
  • Highgrove Bathrooms
  • Abbott
  • Dusk
  • ABUS
  • Adorn Cosmetics
  • Ted's Cameras
  • Pedders
  • GlamaCo
  • 99 Bikes
  • Good Year
  • UHP

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  • Magento Hosting

    Need a scalable Magento hosting solution?

    OSE are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner and know what it takes to support Magento merchants with highly scalable hosting requirements.

    If you’re looking for a Magento hosting partner in Melbourne who can deliver industry-leading service; OSE’s team of DevOps technicians can assist.

  • UX and Development

    Ensuring your Magento website is easy to navigate and visually pleasing is a must for eCommerce merchants.

    Supported by our Magento development team, our user experience designers assist a wide array of Melbourne merchants to take their eCommerce store to the next level.

    Ready to transform your online sales? Talk to OSE

  • Magento Support

    Supporting your Magento website requires both server and ongoing development support; at OSE we offer both.

    If your retail business is based in Melbourne and needing a local Magento development partner to support the growth of your eCommerce sales channel, OSE’s team of Magento design and development professionals can assist you.

Magento dashboard

Why Magento is a “best-of-breed” eCommerce platform.

If you’ve ever reviewed a series of eCommerce platforms in detail, reached out to the developer community to discuss which platform has the best features for high-volume merchants; Magento always comes out on top. Here’s why:

Global Community

Magento’s global community of developers is now supported by industry giant Adobe. This means comprehensive backing and regular feature releases to the Magento development community.


Supported by industry-leading AWS and elastic technology, Magento is a cloud-first product which allows for rapid product development and can handle any influx of traffic.

Content Management

Magento’s new Page Builder service is a market-leading content management technology for eCommerce platforms, allowing you to implement and support content-rich pages with ease.


When it comes to selling business to business, Magento’s B2B functionality is widely recognised as best-in-class. But don’t take our word for it. Check out software evaluation leader Gartner’s Magento B2B report.


Knowing where you can improve and out-perform your competitors is a must in today’s market. With Magento’s Business Intelligence feature, you can be sure you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

Best-in-class Architecture

Magento offers eCommerce retailers the chance to take advantage of best-in-class system architecture, hosting and and scalability. Unlike any other commerce platform, Magento’s multi-tennant solution is a clear market leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know why OSE are Melbourne’s leading team of Magento developers? No problem.

At OSE, we're committed to growing your eCommerce business using the Magento platform.

Whether you're a Magento Commerce or Community customer, our team have year's of industry experience helping customers both large and small scale their business with Magento.

Because we're a Magento development specialist, and don't dabble in other areas of technology, we spend all-day, every-day working with Magento customers to improve their websites and sell more products and services online.

You could say, when it comes to Magento, we're the best in the business.

No. OSE is a 100% Australian owned and operated eCommerce specialist.

At OSE, all Magento development is undertaken in-house by our Australian team of experts.

When dealing with OSE, you’ll meet and work with your dedicated team of account specialists and Magento developers, a difference our customers soon come to realise has a major impact on their business operations.

Yes. At OSE we offer support to customers with existing Magento websites, those looking to transition providers and have an array of flexible service offerings.

Whether you're looking for a retainer model, purchase blocks of support hours, or simply utilise OSE on an as-needed basis, we can support your Magento 1 or 2 website.

To improve the speed of a Magento website, the first step is to determine why the page load times are slow.

To do this, we recommend running an audit on your website pages which looks and the number of elements being loaded into your pages, the file sizes of those elements (i.e. images, CSS and JavaScript), and how we can limit the number of elements being loaded into your pages.

This doesn't mean removing content or user facing elements. However, usually requires combining elements, loading certain elements on particular pages and removing unecessary Magento extensions which are not being used or are poorly built.

In general, Adobe release what is called a minor upgrade to Magento once per year. This is an upgrade from Magento 2.2 to version 2.3.

Patching, however is a monthly requirement. This requires a Magento expert to update your system to the latest version of Magento, i.e. version 2.3.X.

It is important to ensure your Magento website is up-to-date so your Magento development team can take advantage of new features and you are not vulnerable to any security issues. It is also important to note all Magento upgrades are backwards compatible.

For more information on Magento upgrades, visit the Tech Resources website.

To become an Adobe Magento partner you are required to register for the Adobe Solution Partner Program and complete a series of certifications demonstrating your team's capability across the Magento Commerce platform.

This involves completing training found on the Magento University website and passing the corresponding Magento certification examinations.

It should also be noted, a qualified Magento partner is one that continues to support the Magento ecosystem and is constantly up-skilling in the area of Magento development.

Magento offers two versions of it's platform to the development community.

Magento Community is the free version of the platform and comes with less features than the fully-fledged Commerce solution.

At present, Magento Community does not offer features such as the B2B module or Business Intelligence feature which are popular and highly powerful services.

Magento Commerce on the other hand, is an enterprise software solution pitched at serious retailers. Commerce comes in two versions, Starter and Pro, with 'Cloud' and 'On-premise' variants.

Both Starter and Pro each have a different set of features with Pro including the full set of features available to the Magento community.

For more information on Magento Commerce, please visit the Magento Commerce website.

One of the reasons Magento websites run slowly is too many extensions.

With this in mind, there's a fine line between leveraging functionality released on the Magento Marketplace and adding too many extensions.

We recommend only using the bare essentials when it comes to Magento extensions and from well-known providers who offer a series of highly rated extensions.

Even on large Magento builds, we would not include any more than 5 to 10 extensions as needed, so if your site is using more than this, you can likely look to improve your implementation.

Magento 2 offers a completely new solution for eCommerce merchants to leverage online when compared to Magento 1.

With an extensive list of new features, improved stability and code structure, Magento 2 is winning a lot of new fans in the eCommerce community.

Although similar in some respects to Magento 1, Magento 2 offers developers the chance to scale customer websites like never before.

Depending on how many products you're selling and the types of features you're looking to add to your eCommerce site, Magento may be the right option for you.

In general Magento is suited to customers who are looking to run more than one website across multiple locations, have a catalogue of more than a couple of hundred products, and are looking to integrate with a series of third-party services.

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