Assisting Local, State and Federal Government agencies to deliver innovation.

OSE Public Sector Digital Services

Who we work with

OSE work with a variety of Government agencies to produce digital solutions that benefit the public sector.

From AWS services, to development and data analytics; OSE’s team of digital professionals have been able to assist Government to deliver project and support services that for internal and external audiences.

From transport, to education, information dissemination, agriculture and housing, OSE has worked with Government on projects that require unique thinking, a deep understanding of Government issues at the local, state and federal level, and strong technical capability.

At OSE we know what it takes to deliver project outcomes in accordance with Government standards for digital services, and have the proven track-record to service you.

Digital development & support

If you’re looking to create a service for Government and need a digital partner, OSE has successfully delivered for agencies such as the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), Transmax, CITEC, DAF and many others to produce content-rich assets used by thousands of public sector workers and communities each day.

From Intranets to member portals, brochure websites with extensive security services, if you’re looking for a team of digital experts capable of implementing and supporting services for Government that not only function well but look great and service your key business sector, OSE has got you covered.

Certified managed cloud capability

One of OSE’s most common engagement models in the public sector is in the cloud services arena.

Whether this is managed hosting, infrastructure as a service, or data migration and retention; OSE’s proven experience in cloud as a practicing Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner has helped numerous Government agencies stay in compliance with active data standards.

At OSE our cloud capability is always expanding, and we’re constantly working with new and exciting agencies to deliver on the digital needs. If you’re looking to work with a cloud expert who knows how to assist the public sector, talk to OSE.