The Client Roccoco Botanicals is a skin care solution expert and Australian business success story. With a rapidly growing business in the U.S and Australia, Roccoco turned to OSE to build a truly international platform for their business.


Cross-continent commerce built for scalability

When your business is growing worldwide and quite clearly going a candidate to move into further key regions, ensuring you build a scalable platform that is capable of handling localised shipping, hosting and product marketing requirements takes careful planning.

When looking for a digital partner, the team at Roccoco Botanicals identified OSE as the perfect fit to move their business forward.

How we did it, that was quite something…

The “single domain” strategy

Commonly referred to as the “Apple domain strategy”, OSE built the new Roccoco Botanicals web presence using a single domain with geo-localised folder structures.

This strategy allows for multiple site presences to be maintained using a single domain without the need to buy domains on a consistent basis, saving time, money and resources.

Not only does this strategy cut down on development costs, but allows a business greater flexibility and reduced time-to-market when configuring availability of products and specials.

Simplified shipping, inventory management & accounting Simplified shipping, inventory management & accounting

Each and every eCommerce client that we work with has a unique set of inventory management, shipping and accounting requirements; and Roccoco Botanicals were no exclusion to this rule.

Technical Discovery

We started out with a technical discovery session to review the capabilities of Roccoco’s existing inventory management platform ‘Dear Inventory Management’. Following this session we were able to identify that this service was suitable for managing multiple warehouses in different regions and was an excellent fit for solution.


Shipping was next. With warehouses in multiple countries, we knew that we were going to have to work with an array of systems. From Australia Post, to a variety of U.S based providers, working with Shipping API’s and ensuring our system was easily able to transfer sales and product information correctly was of paramount importance.


To achieve this, OSE developed a custom RESTful API service that allowed us to distribute and shipping details to a variety of platforms, warehouse manager and ensure the Roccoco Botanicals financial package (Xero) was all kept in-sync.

Accounting Integration

Speaking of accounting, when it comes to eCommerce these days, most retailers will want to support credit card payments, PayPal and AfterPay. With Roccoco’s platform we can enable and disable these services on a region-by-region basis giving extraordinary granular control of their incoming sales to the owners of this fantastic skin care organisation.

From Queensland to the world. How Roccoco is taking the skin care industry by storm.

Having great products and manufacturing processes is the basis of any retail business, but investing in the appropriate supporting technologies and taking the time to understand your business is what will set you apart from the crowd.

Roccoco Botanicals are the perfect example of a retailer tackling a global marketplace with smart technologies that work in all areas of their business.

From customer-facing sales, to wholesaling, inventory management, shipping and accounting, rest assure Roccoco Botanicals have a solid grip on their business now and the roadmap that will support their forward movement.

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