The Client CampdraftONE is a membership and admin platform for one of Australia’s largest country sports. Before OSE, everything was paper based and transactions were processed manually.

The Challenge

Imagine an organisation with over 9,000 members Australia-wide.

Now imagine membership data spanning over 50 years - that’s a huge amount of data which not only needed to be cleaned up but merged into one usable database.

Add to this the necessity for event management, points calculation and feeding live scores to the public and you have one solid digital transformation piece.

Key Activities

Admin & User Management Portal

The CampdraftONE platform was engineered to allow members and the ACA to manage membership details and register horses for competition. This sizeable digital transformation project started with well written user stories being translated into actionable items and followed by some serious user experience (UX) design.

This process allowed us to break the development scope into the following key areas:

National Results Driven Website

Not only did we create a bespoke member management tool, but we also delivered a public facing results hub for event data and key notifications.

Front-facing Site Home Page