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Oftentimes it's not possible to use an off-the-shelf solution to deliver the sort of online capability you're looking for. That's where the OSE custom web development team can assist.

At OSE we specialise in helping organisations architect, implement and support custom built cloud applications. No matter how complex the goal, our industry-leading web development team are the #1 choice for custom built web applications and digital ventures.

Best-practice implementation

If you're going to build a custom web application, you need to know what you're doing.

When creating web applications from scratch, it's likely that you're going to require expertise across a variety of programming languages, knowledge of databases, servers, hardware, and a number of other variables to get the job done right.

The team at OSE have decades worth of experience in the custom web and systems application spaces, and always work towards best-practice implementations.

When we build custom applications, we build them in a way that can be expanded upon by external developers, is documented and clearly understood by our customers, and can be modified over time with minimal fuss so our customers can remain confident in the code base developed by OSE.

Scalable systems architecture

The system you develop today will most likely not be the same system you're maintaining in a years time. That being said, you need to take into consideration how you're going to support your application over its lifespan.

Our team of custom application developers are experts in the cloud hosting arena, and have worked with organisations across all sectors of business to deliver scalable, future-proof applications.

From file-storage systems, to enterprise web-sites, to complex relational databases, you can be sure that when you're dealing with OSE our team has done it before and know the sorts of issues to look for when implementing custom applications.

So when experience matters, you can rely on the team at OSE.

Full-cycle product support

Maintaining any application whether it's custom built or not requires time and a clear support strategy for ongoing maintenance.

At OSE, we've developed our own custom-built support portal to handle your requests and have subject matter experts on hand to deliver support services 24/7.

Whether you're looking to enhance your application, need assistance with hosting, have noticed a bug that needs fixing, or simply want to discuss "what's next" for your application, our helpful team of developers and account managers can assist.

So if you're looking to support an existing application or are looking to build a partnership with an industry vendor, look no further than OSE.

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A summary of the technologies our team use

It takes hours of learning, a keen interest in application development, and a commitment to invest in the capability required to deliver industry-leading products and services that makes OSE the best in custom web development.

When we build custom web-based applications for our customers, our team undertake a detailed period of analysis which includes a technical review of the technologies we believe will best suit both the application and customers needs over time. This includes reviewing the capabilities of the following technologies:

PHP MySQL HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery AngularJS Node JS AWS

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