Serverless solutions for scalable applications

Change the way you work and maintain your applications by designing your next project with custom API technology and serverless architecture.

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Are you looking to build a serverless application?

At OSE we’ve built best-practice serverless applications for organisations of all shapes and sizes all across Australia. Now it's your turn to take control of your next project with a serverless solution.

At OSE we build robust and secure serverless architectures using a variety of Amazon technologies. This includes:

Amazon S3

OSE uses Amazon S3’s comprehensive and adaptable feature set for administration and management of files in serverless solutions.

With S3, our team can assign custom metadata to individual elements to control the storage, security and cost per workload.

Amazon’s widely recommended S3 service provides customers considering a serverless solution the ability to categorize, visualize and report on usage trends, allowing for cost reduction and security enhancements.

AWS Lambda

OSE uses AWS Lambda to provide flexible data solutions on optimised, high-availability infrastructure.

With Lambda we’re able to autonomously perform a variety of administrative operations including server and OS maintenance tasks, comprehensive patching, hotfix deployment, data provisioning, automatic scaling, code monitoring and logging.

If you’re considering going serverless, consider AWS Lambda as part of the equation.

Why go serverless?

If you're looking to host your web application in a cost efficient and reliable environment, then a serverless architecture is for you.

Reduced Operational Costs

Decrease your cost of doing business by through advanced operation monitoring.

Highly Scalable

Scale your applications to adapt to changing traffic and workload conditions.

High Availability

Include built-in availability and fault tolerance within your serverless apps to ensure high availability.

Finally a technology stack that's built to scale and support you.


When you setup an API gateway, ensuring that an appropriate permissions model is in place to restrict access to your content is a must, and is where a RETful API is incredibly useful.

At OSE we use RESTful API's to implement layers of security between your application and content so that you can be sure control over the transmission and access to your content is in secure hands.

Over the past few years as REST has become the standard for API-driven solutions, we've made sure our team are at the forefront of this technology when it comes to serverless implementations.

Serverless JSON

The cornerstone of serverless development over the past decade has been built on the use of JSON technology to transport data and communicate with servers...and for good reason. It's simple and just works!

At OSE our team of web developers are experts in the use of JSON technology with extensive JavaScript and serverside knowledge, so you can be sure your next serverless app will be built to perform.

Whether your application is a large-scale implementation exercise or simple niche service, the team at OSE can assist you to deliver an easy to use and maintain serverless JSON solution.

YAML for serverless apps

If you've used JSON in JavaScript/AJAX based solutions to transport and organise data, chances are you have heard of YAML.

YAML is essentially a superset of JSON-based data, commonly used in more recent applications to undertake similar tasks to that of JSON layers with developers saying it is both easier to use and read.

Although YAML is not as widely used as JSON in serverless architectures, it's popularity is growing due to it's expanding feature set.

If you're considering an API-driven solution for your next application, ask us about YAML and how this approach may work for you.