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Web Applications

Build enterprise-level, framework-driven web applications using Angular. Whether you're looking for Angular JS, Angular 2, 4 or 5 implementations, the team at OSE can assist you to deliver an industry-leading solution using Angular.

Responsive Solutions

Take your cross-device solutions to the next level with an Angular implementation. Provide your users with best-practice multi-device capable applications that work seamlessly with a vast array of devices both on and offline.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Design your HTML5 Hybrid mobile applications from the ground up using Angular. Wrap your Angular code base in platform specific wrappers for release on the Google Play and Apple App Store saving you time and money.

Discover the benefits of Angular and MVC

If you're new to Model View Controller (MVC) frameworks, then Angular MVC is for you.

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Angular, like most modern development frameworks is based upon what's called a MVC (Model View Controller) approach to software development.

The reason Angular is so popular amongst application owners is that it allows for faster development with less repetition, supports asynchronous services and is built to support multiple views using the same code base.

So if you're thinking of building a new application or adding a subset of functionality to an existing project, consider Angular as part of your technology stack.

So who uses OSE's Angular services?

At OSE, we work with a growing list of clients to deliver serverless Angular applications. From technology service providers, to mining groups and those in the public sector, our customer list speaks for itself when it comes to our Angular web business.


Derivco is a leading supplier of online gaming software, providing trailblazing services and support to Microgaming, one of the world's largest suppliers of online gaming initiatives.

When Derivco turned to OSE to develop a more refined and capable reporting experience to assess the ongoing performance of their online gaming services, we chose Angular as the framework for this complex array of real-time dashboards.

Working with Angular 4 and 5, OSE was able to deliver brilliant, responsive, fast-loading visuals that Derivco staff have been able to rely upon day-in-day-out to assess the performance of their gaming solutions worldwide.


TechConnect are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner based on the Gold Coast who provide a range of bleeding-edge services in the System Architecture, DevOps, Disaster Recovery and High Performance Computing spaces.

When it comes to delivering advanced user interface designs and serverless solutions for both internal needs and their own customer base, TechConnect turn to OSE due to our extensive experience delivering Angular solutions.

Just ask Mike Cunningham, Director at TechConnect, "OSE are extremely skilled at Angular development and solution integration. No matter how complex the task, the OSE team deliver on time and budget each and every time they're engaged."

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