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Whether you're developing a web application, extending your website functionality or looking to create something an out-of-the-box solution can't, OSE has you covered.

Build something new

With access to Brisbane's most experienced team of web developers, no matter how complex the project you're looking to deliver, you can rely on OSE to deliver. Our web development team offer expertise in bleeding-edge Open Source programming languages, and are used to challenging requirements.

Create a custom solution

If your off-the-shelf solution simply can't deliver you the kind of functionality you're looking for, OSE are the #1 choice for custom web solutions. We service the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne markets to deliver custom web solutions you can't buy online. So if you're looking to create something out-of-the-box, talk to OSE.

Support an existing service

If you've got a website or online service you'd like to support, look no further than the Online Solution Experts at OSE. We provide flexible and competitive support services for clients with web solutions in our areas of expertise, so if you're looking to ensure high operability in your organisation, check out our support service.


At OSE we work with clients both big and small to create amazing web projects. To assist us to understand more about your project, select your budget and click "Contact Sales".

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We create beautiful code

At OSE we pride ourselves on delivering best-practice solutions for all our customers. We regularly work to develop our in-house technical skills, and are constantly evolving with technology.

With this in mind, you wouldn't take your car to the mechanic and accept anything but a top job, so why should you accept anything but the best when it comes to your web development? This philosophy is something we take very seriously at OSE, and stand by our work offering a 30-day guarantee on all works completed.

Coffee is a big part of our day

Whether we're developing an application in PHP, creating a serverless solution or extending the functionality of a client's existing website with a RESTful integration, coffee is a big part of our day.

That being said, why not join us for a coffee in the heart of Brisbane's CBD to discuss your next web project. We're a friendly bunch at OSE, and take pride in taking the time to understand our client's businesses to deliver the best possible service each and every time we're engaged to do so.

Looking for assistance with a particular technology?

At OSE our team has extensive experience with a vast array of front and back-end programming languages, including a variety of commonly used database technologies.

Below are just a few of the technologies we can assist you with.

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