We’ve developed a product transformation process which helps us more effectively determine our clients’ business goals.

Based on years of practical experience, we ensure our clients products, processes, and culture evolve and stay ahead of the digital curve.

From prioritising digital challenges to validating prototypes, it’s our job to get clear and aligned on what your business wants to achieve. Before your eCommerce, website or custom digital product gets to development, we prototype and test with real users - giving us critical information allowing us to identify where we should spend the most time in developing your digital solution.

  1. 1. We start with discovery

    The Discovery phase involves workshoping, design and user testing and is the most important time in a project lifecycle as it allows us to validate key areas for development. It’s during this phase where we’ll define your product strategy, establish the vision and measure success.

    As well as gaining further clarity on your business goals and assessing user behaviour, the discovery phase allows us to:

    • Align both client and team expectations
    • Establish the product vision
    • Offer cross-functional expertise
    • Uncover critical business challenges
    • Manage stakeholder expectations
    • Produce rapid prototyping via our Sprint process
    • Assess users' hopes and fears
    • Develop outcome-based product roadmaps
    • Establish success metrics
  2. 2. We focus on design thinking

    We engage in a 5 day process which solves critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers - all packaged together to decrease time and reduce risk when taking a product or feature to market.

    Clients love this process as it replaces any guesswork with real, tangible progress and allows us to move away from a standard design process to launch a product faster - learning from real user data. The outcome is an interactive prototype tested by real users which gives us clear insights on where to go next.

  3. 3. We follow an agile development process

    Ensuring all development is purpose driven, once we’ve achieved real user insights and all parties have agreed and confirmed on the tangible representation of the product, the project will then move to the development stage. Due to real user data obtained throughout the initial phases of the sprint process, making decisions becomes much easier moving forward.

    Our agile development process allows us to ensure we’re constantly getting iterative feedback and have quality assurance in place so that each product we develop has been internally tested prior to release. Our agile development method combined with our sprint process means you’ll be able to get the right product to the market faster.

  4. 4. Ongoing support after your product has launched

    Supporting your business as it evolves means that we’re there to offer support after your digital product has been launched. Think of our support team as an extension of your business. We’re here to estimate any further changes, monitor the health of your website and offer advice on best practices for any future development.

    With support models suited to a wide array of business needs, whether you’re looking for ad-hoc support, a monthly retainer or are looking for a support package you can utilise over time, OSE has your business covered, allowing you to focus on what matters to your business needs most.

Questions? We love to help. Supporting our clients is our #1 priority.

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