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Scalable cloud-based technical implementations to suit any budget

Are you looking to build an application that can scale with your needs over time via the flick of a switch? If so we've got you covered.

It all starts with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our team of cloud delivery experts offer solutions architected on the Amazon Web Services platform. We develop scalable products for our clients starting at simple brochure websites, through to variable traffic applications, all the way up to enterprise multi server/location environments.

With our cloud-based AWS engagements, we take the time to understand your business requirements. This is extremely important if we're to deliver a solution that will suit your current budgetary and applications needs, yet can be scaled over time.

Amazon Web Services offer a wide variety of products. By partnering with an online solutions provider who can assist you to select and support your hosted solutions, you can be sure your digital application is in good hands.

...where we find a solution that meets your requirements

The Amazon Web Services ecosystem is vast, with a growing number of cloud resources available for your applications. At OSE we choose to use AWS services because of the flexibility and number of purpose-built products and services we can rely on to support our customers' needs.

Due to Amazon's expertise taken from its retail business, the market has the opportunity to leverage industry-leading technologies supported by organisations who can quickly develop solutions on cloud-based infrastructure.

OSE's expertise in the cloud-business space can be an invaluable asset to you. By utilising our skills set in cloud hosting, development and support, you can ensure your applications are up and running 24/7 with minimal expense, hassle, and ongoing maintenance.

...and results in a world-class online application

When dealing with OSE, you can be sure that we pride ourselves on delivering world class online applications. From the initial scoping of your project goals, through to business analysis, development, testing, and release; OSE produced online applications are developed to the same high standard each and every time we're engaged to deliver work in the cloud.

Regardless of the type of application you're looking to produce, our team have the proven expertise to deliver your solution on-time, on-budget, and above expectations.

Our niche skills set in the cloud applications arena is available to you, so feel free to contact our team for a confidential discussion of your application requirements.

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Why Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture is for you

With over 1 million active customers worldwide, Amazon Web Services is the global leader in cloud-based systems provision and quality of service.

Purpose-built architecture

Because the Amazon Web Services ecosystem is so vast, you can be sure that the AWS team have made availbale an online service tailored specifically to your applications' needs.

Whether you're looking for affordable file storage, fast-loading dynamic services, database interactivity, SMS capabilities, servless architecture, or systems monitoring, AWS has got you covered.

The team at OSE have delivered a wide range of AWS services for clients looking to save time, money, and deliver cutting edge online services with minimal management, updates and risk to their organisation.

If you're looking for purpose-built online architecture you can rely on, talk to the 'Online Solution Experts' about how AWS can work for you.

Scalable online services

Your online projects start small, gather momentum, and then require more robust solutions to support growing needs. That's why Amazon's scalable online architecture is perfect for you.

Whether your application is a startup, growing in size, or you're looking to downsize to a more economical way of managing a mission critical service, AWS can help.

From compute-based services, to memory or storage optimised solutions, to generous free tier offerings, AWS has really thought about what their customers are looking to achieve and bundled it in an easy to manage package.

So no matter what the application is, or what you think it may become, starting with AWS is always a great choice.

Cost-effective elastic solutions

With solutions starting at just a few dollars a month, AWS can compete with any online solutions provider in the market.

Whether you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per month or just a few, Amazon's range of online solutions is designed to work for you and your hip pocket.

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to support an application, that's why AWS has built its reputation around affordability and consistently reducing price points for an increased offering.

So if you're looking to get more for your dollar spent from your online architecture provider, choosing to implement your online solutions backed by the technical expertise of OSE is a great place to start.