Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking to design or develop a website or mobile application, you're likely to have a number of questions bubbling beneath the surface. Before you come see us at OSE, we recommend checking out our Frequently Asked Questions which will help you understand the design and development process we offer at OSE, and the cost and time involved in creating that killer website or app you're looking to deliver!

Website Design and Development

How long does is take to design and develop a website?
Generally, the design process of a website project is approximately 25% of the total work effort. Therefore, in an 8-week project timeline you would be looking at roughly 2 weeks design and 6 weeks development to produce the final outcome. At OSE we also include an appropriate period of quality assurance and testing on all projects. In the example mentioned this would approximately be two to three days depending on the complexity of the project.
What's the difference between web design and web development?
Depending on who you ask, not much. But in our view “web design” is associated with the process of designing screens for more complex or larger projects, or implementing more simplistic web-based projects such as brochure style websites or blogs. When we talk “web development” this usually encompasses the use of server-side languages coupled with back-end functionality and database design. Yes, both web design and development work hand-in-hand, but the former is generally associated with visual projects or project components.
What is a web application?
Web applications are designed to present complex information to user groups. This information may include large data sets living in a database, information which would be best represented in a chart, or information which does not live on your site at all and is included via a web service. Some examples of web applications include Google Analytics, SaaS (Software as a Service) products such as your email marketing client or a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress.
How do I approve web design work?
At OSE we use a service called Invision. This service allows our user experience (UX) designers to develop pixel-perfect screen designs for our customers to review and collaborate on. Each screen design can be marked-up for change requests you would like implemented prior to sign off of any design work.
How many design reviews do I receive?
The industry standard for design reviews is 2. If there are minor changes required beyond this we generally accomodate this at no extra charge.
Does the speed of my website matter?
Yes. Your users will be expecting your site to load in no more than 4 seconds on a desktop computer and even faster on a smartphone. It’s vitally important that your pages load super-fast these days, so make sure you make this a priority when developing your next product.
What’s the best day/time to launch a new website?
The best day to launch a website is generally a week day where you have appropriate resources available to support your customer base in the event something goes wrong. A good example of this would be a Tuesday where you have four straight days available to ensure any issues are ironed out. Friday would be a bad example as this leads into a weekend where limited staff will likely be available to assist. In terms of the best time of day to launch a new website, some customers prefer after hours, but at OSE we encourage a soft-launch starting in the morning before announcing a new site to your customer base.
Does OSE provide web design services that work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices?
Yes. Each website design and development solution we produce is what’s called a ‘Responsive Design’. This process allows us to show and hide content based on the device width you’re on. Responsive website design is an extremely cost-effective means of developing products for multiple devices and is the industry-standard for digital agencies in Australia and across the globe.
Do I need a CMS (Content Management System)?
CMS’ are a fantastic tool to have if you’re regularly publishing content on your website or blog. However, CMS’ do come with a ceiling in terms of the functionality that can be implemented out-of-the-box. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to provide you with the functionality you’re looking for, it may just mean we have to achieve this using custom website development techniques. In the event your website does not require regular updates or is more of a web application, a CMS solution may not be the right choice for you. At OSE we evaluate all variables when suggesting a CMS solution, and will advise if we think a CMS is not for you. At OSE we offer services using two industry-leading CMS’, these being Squiz Matrix for larger enterprise solutions, and WordPress for entry-level websites.
Do I need an eCommerce specific solution?
If you’re selling more than a handful of products across your site we recommend an eCommerce solution. Whether this is Magento, Shopify or any other well-known eCommerce solution, a service of this type can greatly enhance the ease of which you can undertake your business operations.
Is there a specific payment gateway that’s more secure/better than any other?
There are a number of payment gateways on the market which offer industry-leading security and service. At OSE we’ve built payment gateways using a variety of different service providers and can confirm that there is a quality difference in terms of the visual capabilities of the services and security. Our recommendation is if you haven’t worked with payment gateways before, ask our team for a recommendation as this can save you a lot of time and effort over the long haul.
Does OSE provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
OSE do have a solid working knowledge of SEO consultancy and associated services, however this is NOT a core offering of our business. We do work with an array of high quality partners in this space who we are happy to refer you to.
Is OSE a Microsoft or Open Source agency?
OSE is an Open Source agency. This means we don’t work with Microsoft-based languages such as ASP or .NET. Our specialty lies in the development of LAMP stack languages such as PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Node and related technologies.

Mobile Application Design and Development (Apps)

What’s the difference between a Native and a Hybrid mobile app?
The difference between Native apps and Hybrid apps is primarily in the way the apps are developed. Native apps are developed using languages supported natively by app platforms (i.e. Java, Objective C, Swift) and have access to the full feature set of the app platforms' capabilities. Hybrid apps however, are generally developed in HTML5 and wrapped in what’s called a ‘wrapper’. This allows the app to be uploaded to each of the app stores and is a cost-effective means of building two apps from the same code base. One important other item to consider with regards to HTML5 apps, is that there are limitations as to what can be achieved with Hybrid apps which generally don't exist in Native app development.
Do I have to develop an app for Android and iOS?
No. Depending on your user base you can choose between developing an app to suit Android devices or iOS devices. If you're interested in servicing both platforms you have the option of developing this using Native mobile development methodology or Hybrid. The choice is up to you.
Will my app work on tablet and smart phone devices?
This is dependent upon the features you’re looking to develop. There are instances where your app will work perfectly on both devices and others where it won’t. As the screen dimensions and capabilities of these devices differ greatly, this is dependent upon your particular mobile application.
Is web development and app development the same thing?
No. App development and web development generally use very different languages and techniques to deliver a final product. As such you should ensure that you are hiring a professional app development team with proven experience in app development and the associated languages.
Can I use the same database for my app as my website?
Yes. In fact this is the recommended server architecture for websites which have an app solution attached.
How long will it take for my app to become visible on the app stores?
This depends greatly on the app store you’re uploading to. In the case of the Google Play store this can be anywhere from a day to a few days. In the case of Apple, it’s common to see apps take anywhere from a week to two weeks to be approved for download on the App store. This is unfortunately out of our hands. The other thing to consider is that if your app is not approved by the app store vendor (i.e. Google or Apple), we will need to review the feedback provided and step through the process again from the start.
Which app store is more popular? The Google Play store or the Apple App store?
For many years Apple's App store was much more popular than the Google Play store, however in recent times due to the widespread adoption of the Android operating system, the popularity of each app store is much the same. If you're asking this question we suggest talking to your user base and finding out what devices they're using before committing to a particular platform.
Is it more expensive to develop and app or a website?
If the functionality you’re looking to produce on your app is identical to that of a website, in most cases an app will be more expensive. The reason for this is the cost of resourcing developers who are proficient in app-based languages and the restrictions placed upon developers by app platforms.
My app is no longer visible on Google Play and/or the Apple App store?
At the discretion of Google and Apple your app may no longer meet the requirements of their store. This is something that almost always can be remedied, so ensure you contact OSE to diagnose why this has occurred and the steps by which you can ensure your app returns to your chosen app store.

Hosting and Support

Will my website be automatically backed up?
This largely depends on the agreement you have with your website host. We encourage you to review your terms of service as this is a vitally important part of running a successful online business.
Should I install an SSL security certificate on my website?
Yes. It’s important to install a website security certificate on your site for a number of reasons. Firstly, this will decrease the likelihood of hackers attempting to bring your site down or steal information from your site, and secondly it's an excellent indicator to your customers and Google of the quality of service you’re providing. Where Google is concerned, a properly installed SSL certificate is a ranking signal and should not be ignored if you aim to rank competitively in Google's search index.
Does OSE provide ongoing support of my website or app once completed?
Yes. OSE provide competitively priced support services to new and existing customers looking to support their website or mobile app. Support hours can be purchased in pre-paid packages starting at 25 hours, or on a monthly basis starting at 5 hours.
Who should I host my website with?
There are a number of quality web hosting providers in Australia that we can recommend depending upon the needs of your site. At OSE we often use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud-based hosting as we have found them to be particularly reliable and well-priced for more complex solutions. If your website is a simple brochure-style website we can also recommend some quality local providers who offer competitive products and services.
How much should I be paying for hosting?
If you’re running a simply brochure website you shouldn’t be paying more than $30/month for your website hosting. However, if your application is more complex, OSE can work with you to scale your hosting expenditure in unison with your application requirements in a cost-effective manner.
What hours does OSE offer customer support?
Our development support service is available to customers who have purchased support time during business hours. If you're looking for additional support with hosting we work a variety of partners who offer 24/7 support who'll be able to assist you in this area.
What do I do if my website crashes?
The cause of website crashes vary; however usually come down to a few common elements OSE can help diagnose. The things we look for first include whether there are any processes running on your server which are overloading your site, whether there’s any code on the server breaking your pages, and whether your website host is experiencing any issues.

Business Operations

What does OSE stand for?
Online Solution Experts! Common, we thought that would be obvious by now!
How long has OSE been in business?
OSE was founded in 2015 and has grown from strength to strength. We work with a wide variety of clients in the public and private sectors and also work with start-up groups we feel we can assist.
Do you offer milestone payments at OSE?
Yes. OSE offer the choice between a 50% upfront and 50% on delivery model, or a 33% upfront payment, 33% at the mid-point of a project and 34% on delivery option. Generally smaller projects are subject to the 50/50 model with larger projects based on the 33/33/34 model.
What are your payment terms at OSE?
OSE offer 14-day payment terms as standard across our business. In the event that suppliers require specific terms of payment (i.e. 30 days), we are generally happy to comply with these terms.
Is there a warranty associated with web design and development work?
Yes. The industry standard warranty for web design work is 30-days. This 30-day period commences once you sign off on any work requested. During this period if any defects are found, you're entitled to have this work amended to an agreed upon standard free of charge.
Do I really need to pay for quality and assurance testing?
Yes. Quality and assurance testing is a vital part of a full-cycle development process. Without a dedicated testing and bug fixing phase you drastically increase the chances of product issues. Issues of this nature may be as small as a spelling mistake or could be as large as an issue with a payment gateway.
Is OSE approved to work with Government clients?
Yes. OSE are GITC and QAssure certified to work with QLD Government clients and have also been approved as part of the NSW Government IT Service Providers list.
How do I apply for a role with OSE?
If you’re interested in applying for a role with OSE we’re constantly on the lookout for talented web and app developers. We look for developers who are not only technical proficient but have a keen demonstrated attention to detail. We're also very careful who we select to join our team as we like to ensure they're also a good cultural fit. We like to see outgoing, capable, hard-working professionals who are keen to develop their skills set and contribute to a team.
Are there any projects OSE will not take on?
Yes. We're selective with the projects we take on, however encourage you to contact us for a chat regardless of the project as we have a comprehensive network of experts we work with, so if we’re not the right fit for you, we’ll likely know someone who can assist.
Is OSE a marketing agency?
No. OSE is a design and development agency, otherwise known as a digital agency. We produce digital solutions, but we are NOT a marketing agency. For example, we do not assist clients with their social media management or branding, but we do help them design, develop and maintain their websites and apps.