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Scaling your eCommerce business requires you to ensure all the fundamental elements of a well-structured eCommerce platform are in place, before you set sail.

The eCommerce Growth Program acts as an incubator for eCommerce retailers to identify where they can improve and how they can drive increased sales over time.

Here's what's included:

Phase 1: Business Discovery

Our program starts by setting you up for success with a deep dive into your business.

We’ll run a day-long discovery workshop designed to break down how your business works online, the systems in play and how this relates to your offine activities. We’ll include experts with design, technical and architectural experience to determine what your state of play is, and what elements are inhibiting your success online.

Phase 2: Technical Discovery

In the second phase of our program we’ll request access to a series of key business systems. This usually includes the following items where we’ll review what’s working and what’s not.

  • eCommerce platform
  • ERP
  • Marketing automation
  • Google Analytics
  • Hosting / Server

After identifying the challenges your business face in Phase 1 and Phase 2, we’ll use the insights to put together a scalable 6 month plan for your increased success.

Technical Recommendations

Month 1

Following our Discovery period we'll be able to provide you with a series of recommendations as to the most important elements you need to amend across your eCommerce platform. This may include the following items but will differ from customer to customer:

  • Security
  • Home page design
  • Page speed
  • On-site search
  • SEO elements
  • Cart and checkout issues, and
  • Structured data
  • Marketing automation
  • Navigation
  • ECommerce platform patches and upgrades
  • Malfunctioning elements

Depending on your budget, we’ll begin to work on these elements in Month 1, and continue to remove additional issues month by month. Understanding that customer budgets vary, we’ll build out a 6-month plan which will allow you to ready yourself for the following points of review:

  • When paid advertising is best commenced?
  • How long before you can expect to see change in organic position, and
  • Key sales targets

Technical Recommendations

Month 2

In Month 2, we'll start with a progress review of the technical changes made to your site, what to expect from a sales perspective, and what's next on the agenda in terms of changes to your eCommerce offering.

Month 2 is all about forward movement and ensuring we're closely monitoring your progress. Understandably we don't typically see a drastic changes by this point, so Month 2 is all about making our way through the work, and removing the low-hanging fruit and must-do items.

Technical Recommendations

Month 3

By the end of Month 3 we expect to see measurable changes coming into play across your business. This may come in the form of traffc to your site, sales volumes, time on site and other metrics.

Month 3, like 2, will start with a formal review, and will continue with more technical changes to your platform, budget permitting. We may also at this point review your budget and discuss if the appropriate amount of effort is being applied.

Technical Recommendations

Month 4

The start of Month 4 will allow us to measure with confidence the changes made to your eCommerce platform. This will also allow us to adapt our plan to get the most out of your program.

Month 4, like all other months will include review and more technical implementation work, but this time it will be with the goal of really ramping up sales and introducing outside elements like a digital marketing agency to amplify your traffic and sales over the next three months.

Technical Recommendations

Month 5

Deep into the program we're looking to scale, reinvest profits and continue to amplify your service. At this point we will also run user testing across your site with a focus group to ensure you're seeing value for money and a solid return on your investment. This also helps add a new set of eyes to the equation who will help drive innovation.

Technical Recommendations

Month 6

In Month 6 we'll work to complete the remainder of any technical elements that are prohibiting you from selling more products and services online. By this time, we expect your site to be in considerably better shape than when you started and driving increased revenue for you and your business.

Moving forward, you'll be a different business, and as a result, will need to think about different things. This will include the following which we'll help you work on:

  • How you're going to scale the remainder of your business to support your online channels?

  • What the next 6-months may look like?

  • Increasing budget around digital marketing efforts and support

  • Considering other digital revenue channels which may be of value

  • What systems may be appropriate now that weren't before?

  • How you can automate the rest of your business around your digital selling hub?

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