QMI Solutions engage OSE to create "Vuable" video platform

Published on November 15, 2017
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Website Design and Development

Since 1993, QMI Solutions has been a driving force in the Queensland manufacturing industry and is Australia’s premier technology diffusion agency.

With their founding members including the Queensland Government’s Department of Business, Industry and Regional Development, TAFE, CSIRO and QUT, QMI Solutions has grown from strength to strength solidifying their reputation as an industry leader in the greater QLD and Australasian business community.

Of their many successes, QMI Solutions has diffused a number of pivotal products in the 3D printing, water-jet cutting, laser sintering, sheet forming, lean manufacturing and supply chain management areas just to name a few.

So, when it came time to innovate again, the team at QMI decided that the next step for them was to offer a digital platform where businesses of all shapes and sizes could showcase their expertise and communicate their value proposition to the market using video as the central point of focus.

Enter Vuable.

The Challenge

When QMI Solutions first went to market they were looking for a provider who could not only develop a scalable video content delivery platform, but support that platform over time. QMI were essentially seeking a provider who was not only technically capable, had strong design skills, but could partner with their team to add key insights when and where it counted most.

When we met with the team at QMI, we knew that there was a fantastic opportunity to bring our experience in cloud content delivery, complex web development, and information architecture to the floor in a user-friendly scalable platform that QMI could build upon over time. Once we begun to scope out the Vuable platform, we soon realised we were in for a real challenge with the platform to include:

Not only this, but the team at QMI were looking to produce a special subscription option for enterprise customers called “Corporate Subscribers”. Ouch!

The Solution

Developing a scalable platform that allows a customer to enhance their service to meet consumer needs over time, was always going to require a custom solution. Our team reviewed a variety of CMS options, but there was always functionality limits we were constrained by, so convincing QMI that a custom solution was the best option for them was our first challenge we had to over come. Platform choice is always of vital importance when planning major project implementations, and in the case of Vuable, once we communicated the pros of the option we were proposing to the client, they soon realised this was the best solution available to them by far.

After reviewing a number of coding frameworks, our team chose to use PHP Laravel in unison with MySQL. This flexible platform proved a breeze to work with comprising of a number of pre-built and tested modules we could utilise to deliver the level of functionality QMI were looking for.

From integration with socket.io for member chat, to using Laravel Cashier for connecting Vuable with the Stripe payment gateway, this framework proved to be an excellent option for our team to work with over the course of the project, and for Vuable long-term.

However, the real proof of the quality of the Vuable product is in the live site. With:

  • Simple member registration
  • Real-time chat
  • Extremely fast-loading pages
  • API-driven extensibility, and a
  • Fantastic design provided by our friends at 5x5

According to Norm McGillivray, QMI Solutions Executive Manager, “We were looking for a company that could bring our vision for a new platform to life, and Paul and the team at OSE have done exactly that. From design, development and execution OSE have been professional throughout the whole process and delivered a platform we are extremely excited about and can’t wait to see the impact it has on our business.”

The Outcome

When an organisation like QMI Solutions comes along with a vision of what they want to achieve, a deadline for delivery and an engaging marketing plan to make it happen, the outcome of the digital solution has an extremely good chance of being a positive one; and this is exactly what’s been achieved with hivuable.com.

Vuable is not only an easy to use, affordable, video content delivery platform, it’s a fantastic service for business owners across a wide variety of industries looking to grow their businesses. Not only can businesses communicate their value proposition clearly, but they can do it in a manner which is targeted, spam-free, and is highly conducive to enquiry.

Whether you’re a 'Standard' or 'Corporate Subscriber' on Vuable, you’re going to find the platform an excellent business tool if you’re looking to showcase your expertise to the market, connect with other businesses, or simply grow your personal network.

If you’re looking to create an online service that’s as innovative and easy to use as Vuable, why not get in touch with our digital team for a confidential discussion.

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