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Published on November 9, 2017
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Website Design and Development

QUT bluebox is the innovation, venture and investment arm of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) setup to assist start-ups, students and research organisations to incubate and prepare their ideas for commercial success.

QUT bluebox's team of in-house experts and commercial partners provide ongoing mentoring, strategic advisory and funding for successful candidates who have a product or idea with potential and real-world market demand.

Since 2006 "bluebox" has empowered QUT students, alumni and staff to create social and commercial ventures for market, and has proven to be an extremely successful starting point for many well-known Queensland start-up success stories over the last decade.

With a vast array of entrepreneurial opportunities available to the QUT and wider community each year, QUT bluebox has grown to become a leader in the Brisbane and greater Queensland start-up scene. This includes offering the following services and events each year:

The Challenge

QUT bluebox came to OSE with the goal of modernising their visual image, online processes, and ability to rapidly publish and distribute engaging content on the web and across their social media channels.

Having already designed a new logo and corporate style guide, OSE (along with other well-known agencies) was asked by QUT bluebox how they would use the new brand to deliver a dynamic, attractive and easy to maintain online presence. Our team then took the time to communicate to bluebox our thoughts on the technologies we recommended using, a proposed information architecture, and how this could benefit the organisation. Soon after, we were charged with the responsibility of transforming the way one of Brisbane’s most important start-up organisations deliver their services online. This included:

  • A custom website design process
  • Structured information architecture (IA)
  • SSL certificate setup
  • Squiz Matrix website development
  • On-site performance optimisation
  • Integration of social channels with the web platform
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Ongoing support of the QUT bluebox Squiz Matrix instance, and
  • In-house training for all staff responsible for publishing and maintaining content across the newly designed QUT bluebox website

The Solution

The development of the QUT bluebox website involved a detailed design process lasting approximately two weeks. Our design specialists provided the team at bluebox with a comprehensive array of Invision mockups showcasing exactly how screen each and every screen required to be built for the website was to look, so that bluebox could comment on what they liked or thought needed changes allowing our development team to deliver the perfect end-product.

This process was extremely well-received by bluebox with their team taking an active role in working with OSE to craft a digital solution which would support their immediate needs, whilst remaining modern and user friendly over time.

Following the design process, our Squiz Matrix developers were tasked with the website build. This process was run by our lead project manager working in JIRA using Agile Sprint methodology. This is the standard process used by OSE and allows us to deliver on time, every time which was the case with the QUT bluebox website build. Lasting approximately 4 weeks resulting in a website which has been widely praised by the QUT community and those in the digital community who has used the site, this was another great result for our organisation.

Liliana Campos, QUT bluebox Marketing and Communications Manager, was quoted to say “OSE have been unbelievably helpful to QUT bluebox. Our new website was created on time and on budget which was a feat to say the least. OSE demonstrated great client service, creativity in design and problem solving. Since we have gone live we have made sure to keep OSE for support which is invaluable for us. We often have to work in tight timeframes and OSE has always been helpful in getting us through. Highly recommended!”

Technologies Used

During the production of the QUT bluebox website, our team of Brisbane-based website design and development professionals used the following tools and technologies to deliver the final product. This included:

  • Squiz Matrix and the core CMS (Content Management System)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, and
  • Atlassian JIRA

Because a large portion of QUT were already using Squiz Matrix for their content publishing needs, bluebox reached out to OSE as a supplier of Squiz Matrix services and support to join the majority of the University on this platform.

The experience for the team at QUT bluebox beginning a new digital journey on a totally foreign platform than they were used to was naturally one of hesitance, which is why we made sure that we took the time to sit with key stakeholders in the bluebox organisation to ensure they had the know-how and documentation to support their Matrix instance.

This process was an integral part of this success of this implementation, and is a major reason why QUT bluebox continues to use OSE to assist with the ongoing maintenance and support of their website and digital needs.

The Outcome

For the team at OSE, working with QUT bluebox continues to be a pleasure, as they not only have great content, a well-structured vision, but are always looking to innovate online and drive traffic to their website and events with ideas that both easily measured and can be built upon over time.

Because the bluebox organisation is built upon the goal of helping others achieve new heights professionally, it’s no surprise to see QUT bluebox offering a high-level of service to cutting-edge organisations day-in-day-out, which is something we at OSE are very proud to be a part of.

As QUT bluebox continues to grow in size each year and works with a more diverse and entrepreneurial minded array of professionals, the team at OSE look forward to assisting this fantastic Brisbane-based organisation achieve even greater things!

To enquire about getting your website designed and developed with OSE, or simply to learn more about how Squiz Matrix may be the right CMS choice for your next website, feel free to reach out to us by completing our Contact form or calling us on 07 3151 3760.

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