FMCG recruiter QAR release new website

Published on July 10, 2018
Project Type
Website Design and Development

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) recruitment specialist Quality Assured Recruitment came to OSE recently looking to revamp their brand and deliver a modern, flexible website that would enhance their ability to provide their clients and candidates with a service they could rely on.

Having expanded their team size and capability in recent times due to a number of strong ongoing corporate engagements, QAR knew that it was time to change the way they did business online and how they presented as an organisation.

With this in mind OSE worked closely with the entire team at QAR to identify a number of key elements which needed to be improved to take their business to the next level. This included:

  • Development of a new corporate identity
  • Architecture of a mobile-responsive website including setup of a suitable hosting package
  • Acquisition of the domain
  • Creation of job listing tool where the team could publish new roles
  • A candidate registration form capable of securely storing candidate details and dynamically generating PDF candidate summaries for QAR staff, and
  • Implementation of a CMS platform the team could use to publish both external, LinkedIn and on-site news

The Challenge

One of the challenges in delivering QAR’s new online presence was that we needed to find a suitable platform that would support their current needs, be able to be extended over time, and that our team was proficient in to deliver the kind of service we could stand by.

After spending some time with QAR it became clear that WordPress was the best choice for this project as we could implement a framework that was reliable and easy to extend with the custom functionality QAR were looking for.

WordPress as a service for small to medium sized businesses is an excellent option due to the widespread use of the platform, combination of open-source knowledge and both free and paid technologies already built for the platform, which we knew would suit QAR down to the ground.

The Solution

The first part of the project required OSE to assist QAR with a new logo design. We advised QAR their new logo should be simple, play to their industry, be easy to reproduce on a variety of backgrounds and include an element they could use to identify their brand (i.e. the "Q").

Next, we worked with QAR to design mock-ups of all desktop and mobile screens within the scope of the project. This process was very useful to QAR as they could see how their website was going to look, feel, and formed the basis of the implementation guide for our technical team.

When signed off, our technical team began work. We knew with this project we had a few “out-of-the-box” elements which needed to be created, most prominently:

  • A Job Creation Tool, and
  • Dynamic PDF candidate summary sheets

OSE knew that both these services would streamline operations at QAR. To deliver the ‘Job Creation Tool’, we chose to produce a custom WordPress plugin which could be extended at any time with added fields and functionality. However with the dynamic PDF candidate summaries, we selected the mPDF PHP library which we’ve used many times before for conversion of HTML content to PDF’s, a service we knew we could rely on.

The Outcome

Assisting an organisation like QAR to redefine and grow their business is what we're all about at OSE.

With a deadline for delivery and a new, fresh corporate identity to work with, backing the team at QAR has been a pleasure and is a relationship we look forward to continuing with over time as QAR grows their business.

Feedback from the QAR project has been overwhelmingly positive, with both the client and internal team here at OSE very pleased with the final outcome.

In terms of the technical performance of the site, it’s also worth noting that this site loads super-fast, and has been built by the book with best-practice WordPress implementation in mind, something that QAR can count on as they expand their online presence.

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