Why you should choose Managed Hosting for your website

Whether you're setting up a simple brochure website or a complex eCommerce store, knowing that your hosting is going to effectively support your business goals is vitally important.

If you're new to running an online business and don't have experience setting up or maintaining web servers, you may not have heard of the concept of "Managed Hosting".

In this article we'll break down what Managed Hosting is, the areas of your business it can assist with, and how this can really add value to your organisation's effectiveness and bottom-line.

What is Managed Hosting?

If you’ve purchased website hosting before, you’ll know that there’s generally three common categories (or levels) of hosting available. This includes:

Whether you're on Shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting, a Managed Hosting team can assist you to ensure everything, yes I said everything, is running smoothly with your website and hosting. From page load times, to software patching, to routine backups, a managed hosting team is something you can outsource to ensure your online business is always available to your customers and is earning income for you 24/7.

Do I need a Managed Hosting provider?

At OSE we have a lot of companies coming to us who either don’t have any measures in place to manage the security of their website, think they may be paying too much, or feel they’re not receiving anything in return for the payment they make each month/year for their hosting.

With this in mind, we challenge you to ask yourself the following questions to help you decide whether Managed Hosting is something you and your business can benefit from:

Managed Hosting allows you to stay focussed

In business, to be successful you need to devote your time and energy to what you do best. If you’re in IT, then it’s fine for this to be the provision of services like hosting, but for the rest of the world, the hosting of your website and future growth of your online presence should be something you plan and execute as part of your technology strategy, then leave to the professionals who do this every day.

More often than we’d like to admit, we see successful business operations grind to a halt because they fail to allocate the appropriate resources to their website hosting. Now for the majority of the year things may run smoothly, but what happens when your site goes down, gets hacked, or you simply don’t have access to a restorable backup of your site? The answer is chaos, and this chaos can last anywhere from hours to days if you don’t have a managed hosting partner you can rely on.

Isn’t my website host my Managed Hosting partner?

Just because you bought hosting from a hosting provider online does not mean you’re getting a service you can rely on and I’ll tell you why. If you’ve ever rung up your hosting provider and asked for assistance, you’ll soon find out it’s a little like enquiring about health insurance. What you think you’re covered for, you’re probably not.

For example, did you know that Shared Hosting client sites actually sit on giant servers with roughly 500 other sites and are subject to a whole bunch of variables that could bring their sites down? This can be shocking for newbies, but in this instance you’re very much at risk, and if your site goes you’re going to have to wait for it to come back up which can take hours. So what rights do you have?

What if you make a development mistake or get hacked, how is this going to be handled. The answer if you ring your host, is that this is your problem and you’ll get zero assistance. Ouch!

So if you're wondering whether your website host is your managed hosting provider, then answer is 'No'. Your website host is simply that, someone who host your website, any more than that, and you'll need to seek professional assistance.

So how much does Manage Hosting cost?

Managed Hosting is actually not as expensive as you think, with the industry average costing you around 30% of your spend on hosting per month. So, for example, if your monthly spend is $100, your managed host will charge you an extra $30 to make sure everything is running smoothly which is very affordable.

Now to clarify, if you’re setting up custom hosting such as that provisioned on Amazon Web Services or a Dedicated hosting box, you’ll generally pay a time-based fee for customisation of your server at first, but for the running costs the 30% fee should remain unless your server is particularly complex.

Looking for Managed Hosting?

If you’re looking to shore-up the security and reliability of your website hosting and take the worry out of operating an online business, OSE’s Managed Hosting team can assist you.

We look after a wide variety of websites on Shared, VPS, Dedicated and custom Amazon Web Services instances for a clients who all have unique hosting requirements.

Whether you’re a small business just getting off the ground, have a multitude of websites you’re looking to manage, or simply want to improve the way you undertake your online business, feel free to get in touch with OSE.

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