Why In-House IT is No Longer the Best Form of Support

If your organisation supports a number of niche applications, you’ll know how challenging and expensive this process can be. With this in mind, have you considered that there may be a better way of doing things?

Just because you’ve always run your business a certain way doesn’t mean it has to continue that route moving forward. Organisations all across the globe are taking a much closer look at their IT resourcing and finding out that in most cases there are lots of gains to be made. Whether it’s outsourcing large sections of the business operations or supporting niche applications externally, the stock-standard in-house IT department is an endangered species.

1. Human resourcing is expensive

It constantly baffles me when I see organisations enter recruitment cycles which result in them paying a generous recruiter fee, only to pay the same fee in another 12-24 months without any real regard as to whether they’ve executed an effective recruitment strategy.

Businesses everywhere constantly repeat this cycle without ever considering whether they’re getting a good return on their dollars spent, and it just doesn’t have to be this way.

Sure a seat gets filled, but when you consider the cost of recruitment, time to up-skill even the best of employees, and the overheads involved in accounting and management, the standard recruitment process is literally incredibly ineffective.

2. Technical support providers don’t expend time unnecessarily

One of the major reasons technical support providers offer fantastic value to organisations is they only charge when they’re working. For example; if you were to purchase 100 hours of technical support with OSE, you only incur cost when we’re actually working for you. Contrast this to a full-time staffer, and these hours would be burnt in 2.5 weeks regardless of outcome. Ouch!

Sure the cost is a little higher per hour, but how much higher? When you consider hiring processes, desk and PC allocation, not to mention management costs, the difference is negligible. Whether you’re considering this for a single application or across a wider set of business tools, these costs really blow out if you properly consider what you’re getting for your money. The benefits of IT support packages just can’t be denied.

3. Niche technical experts work faster, see more and make less mistakes

If you’ve ever managed a team of developers, ran your own business, or even participated on a sporting team; you’ll know that the star of the team makes all the difference. So why wouldn’t you hire a team of stars to be on your team who are 100% accountable and specialise in exactly what you need?

The concept of the ‘jack of all trades’ is dying in our industry. The IT landscape is changing every day and there are specialist agencies popping up everywhere that deliver services in niche areas because they know they can do it better than anyone else. Why? Because there’s money to be made from differentiating yourself from other companies through top-class technical services provision regardless of whether it's in the cloud, web or app spaces.

4. Subject matter experts will change the way you run your business

One of the most common phrases you’ll hear in business is to “surround yourself with people smarter than yourself”. This statement doesn’t mean that you’re lacking somehow, it just means you should surround yourself with people who excel in a certain area of business that you don’t and let them advise you on how to make your business better.

Nobody can be the best at everything, otherwise Michael Jordan would have made it in Baseball. If you’re smart, you’ll soon work out that by working with people who are passionate about a single service, you’ll be able to leverage their expertise to showcase to your customers how effective you can be…and this is why partnering with an external IT support specialist makes sense.

5. Accountability is a given when partnering with an IT support provider

It’s amazing how "comfortable" some employees can get when they’re in a full-time role. This generally only applies to a handful of people in an organisation, but 'overly comfortable employees' can cost your business a great deal when a negative culture develops.

So given the alternative; where you can negotiate deadlines with limited flexibility and clear-cut outcomes, you’re almost guaranteeing your success. It really seems like a no-brainer.

Business is a gamble, but the best gamblers only make bets when they know the outcome of the game. Run your business this way, and you’ll be surprised how successful you can become in a short space of time.

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