Why Brisbane Web Development Agencies are Booming

Over the past few years, Brisbane’s web development agencies have experienced vast growth. With local Government investment in startups and new business on the rise, increased digital offerings from the big three Universities, and an ever growing array of business opportunities coming in from the corporate sector, the growth of the digital industry in Brisbane is unlikely to slow any time soon.

For web development agencies in Brisbane who have managed to differentiate themselves through niche product offerings, quality of service, and joint service partnerships, this has been a rewarding last few years with all signs pointing towards more good times to come.

In this article we’ll take an in-depth look at the drivers behind the success of Brisbane’s web development agencies.

Local Government investment in startups and innovation

Brisbane’s local Government has been extremely proactive in recent times with regards to digital innovation. With initiatives such as the Advance Queensland Digital Grants program offering matched funding for small to medium enterprises, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s decision to invest in Brisbane’s new $5 million innovation hub ‘The Capital’, and programs such as Digital Brisbane which support industry suppliers and customers through events and online content, Brisbane’s web development agencies have been well supported.

With this in mind, innovation at the local level has meant that suppliers of digital services have been able to grow in size and capability. Digital agencies in Brisbane who have been able to assist organisations to deliver world-class online services have been crucial to supporting this Government objectives, and with a mandate to ensure Australian business is at the forefront of the global community, local Government has realised the importance local agencies play in this initiative, and are providing support where possible.

The big three Universities: UQ, QUT and Griffith

Brisbane’s three largest Universities; The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and Griffith University have all been major participants in assisting to grow the thriving Brisbane web development industry.

From increased course offerings in Multimedia, IT, Digital Design, and Project Management, with all of the Universities offering industry placement initiatives combined with a wide variety of majors to choose from, Brisbane’s up and coming digital professionals are carving it up during their courses and are readying themselves for full-time employment.

With industry placement programs assisting our graduates to transition to full-time employment, in many cases local students are able to organise employment prior to graduation. For talented interns who excel during their placement, this has been a major bonus and has helped drive interest in the industry as a whole.

An increase in demand for work from the corporate sector

A few years ago traditional market sectors such as professional service firms and the like were slow to invest in digital services as a way to innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors. These days this has completely changed.

Enterprise organisations with large budgets and staff counts are now innovating on a regular basis as they’ve realised that to maintain their current market position, they need to be providing their customers and staff with cloud-based tools that allow them to undertake their daily activities with ease.

The shift to ‘cloud-based’ solutions as a necessity rather than a ‘nice to have’ has provided a major boost to the Brisbane web development industry and its agencies who are regularly engaged by major corporate entities to develop niche applications that solve business-specific problems.

The proximity to Sydney and Melbourne clients has ‘seemingly’ decreased

It’s constantly surprising to hear how many southern clients are engaging with Brisbane web development agencies on a regular basis. Whether it’s via word of mouth, attendance at conferences, direct networking opportunities, or having seen the quality of the work coming out of Brisbane web development agencies, it seems that clients in the southern states are reaching out to Brisbane agencies more and more.

When compared to southern capital cities, Brisbane is still somewhat of a ‘small town’. However for clients looking for industry-leading customer service and attention to detail, Brisbane’s can-do attitude is world-class. Throw in the fact that it’s only an hour to Sydney and just over 2 hours to Melbourne via plane, many of Brisbane’s web development agencies are either happy to visit clients on-site or complete engagements without ever having to meet face-to-face with clients, proving the market is comfortable with the work being completed and interacting over digital channels to get jobs done.

Web development has become a niche service

If you look at the services being offered by web development agencies in Brisbane these days, it’s clear to see that a shift in offering has been made over the past few years. No longer is it common-place to see ‘jack of all trades’ type agencies leading the pack, rather an array of niche web development providers exist who specialise in a handful of technologies are winning work with clients from all across the country proving that ‘the web’ is now a solidified specialist industry.

With more than enough work to go around due to the demand for digital solutions, the market is seeking out specialist providers who can deliver high quality products faster than anyone else, and is outsourcing their web development to agencies.

As a result of this shift, OSE has dedicated an entire division of our organisation to application support. We still offer development using particular web and CMS technologies, however due to the fact the opportunity to support our customers following professional engagements is so affordable for market participants, it's a win-win for everyone.


OSE’s team of web developers are Brisbane locals who are passionate about providing best-in-market web services for our clients, with no job too small or too challenging.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane-based web development agency with a proven track record of success in digital consulting and development, get in touch with OSE today.

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