The benefits of IT support packages

Delivering IT projects on-time and on-budget is a common challenge faced by the business community on a daily basis. However when resources are low, specialist expertise is needed, or deadlines are looming, turning to an external IT support partner is often a saving grace for many organisations.

In this article we’ll discuss the key benefits of IT support packages. From cost-saving, to deadline management, to access to subject matters experts; we’ll show you why partnering with an IT solutions provider under a support package agreement is an excellent option for your organisation.

The cost-saving benefits of IT support packages

If you haven’t negotiated an IT support agreement before, you may be surprised to learn that this can be one of the most economical ways to deliver digital solutions within your organisation. As shown below, there are a number of cost-saving benefits you can take advantage of when negotiating an IT support package with an external provider:

Accountability and deadline management

In any organisation deadline management can be an issue (check out these 14 tips for deadline management), especially if there are no real constraints around project budgets. If this is the case, you need to ensure you have a solid digital strategy in place. By making the choice to utilise an external IT support partner as part of your digital strategy, you’re introducing a culture of accountability across all your IT projects, which can be one the most telling benefits of partnering with an IT support package provider.

If you’ve ever worked on an IT project, one thing you’ll know is that key project stakeholders don’t like to see projects pass their designated delivery dates, as they know there are many opportunity costs to a business that begin to rear their heads when this occurs. By outsourcing your IT support to an external provider, provided you set in place a strict array of manageable KPI’s for delivery, you’ll find that your relationship with your stakeholders will be stronger, including your relationship with your external support provider. Not only will deadline management become much less of a challenge, but you’ll soon find that you’re able to deliver more, in much less time.

Access to industry-leading expertise

When purchasing an IT support package from a partner with a niche skill set (whether this be in the area of hosting, web development, app development, or CMS-based services), you’re gaining access to a team of experts who’ll be able to deliver you the services required faster and with a greater degree of precision.

Many companies often ask themselves whether they should build an internal team with the same capabilities as an external partner? For those that we have observed attempt this route, more often than not the outcome is much more expensive and less effective, especially for highly specialised or technical projects. You have to consider in this case that success is not only measured by the hourly rate you’re paying for a resource, but the actual outcome. For example, if it takes a specialist provider 2 hours to deliver a given task, and an internal resource 4 hours to deliver the same task, you have to question effectiveness of what’s being delivered internally, and who you can really rely upon in your hour of need, let alone the time it has taken to build, train, and manage an internal team of specialists.