How Brisbane's Squiz Matrix Supplier Market has Changed

For over a decade now Squiz, the creators of the Squiz Matrix CMS platform have been the single supplier of Squiz Matrix development and support services in Brisbane. Late 2016 this all changed with OSE entering the market as the second supplier of Squiz Matrix services to customers within the Brisbane and eastern seaboard markets.

Although Squiz and OSE are competitors who both sell and support the Squiz Matrix CMS platform, it’s clear that both companies offer an excellent product with a constantly evolving list of features, refinements, and are equally passionate about how the Squiz Matrix CMS can assist customers to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions moving forward.

In this article we’ll look at how the introduction of a second Squiz Matrix supplier of services has changed the market for users of the Squiz Matrix CMS.

Multiple suppliers means competitive pricing options

The introduction of a second Squiz Matrix supplier to the Brisbane market has meant that the option to receive multiple quotations on work packages is now a reality. Whether you’re looking for a second price on services, looking to try out a new supplier, or are required to provide multiple quotations to internal stakeholders, this is a major plus.

The introduction of a second supplier of Squiz Matrix services means that not only are you able to negotiate on price, but access different pricing models allowing you to gauge the price of fixed work packages and support of the Matrix platform, which thus far has been positively received.

Changes to Squiz Matrix support service offerings

One of the major benefits to organisations who put through significant volumes of Squiz Matrix development and content management during the financial year is the option to evaluate the cost of support services in the market.

With customers apportioning sizable amounts of their annual IT spend on Squiz Matrix support, it’s crucial to ensure all market options have been investigated. For some suppliers this may mean splitting their spend between suppliers, for others it may mean continuing as is or moving their entire support spend to OSE; whatever the case a second option for supporting Squiz Matrix instances is a significant change Brisbane users of Matrix will no doubt be welcome.

Multiple organisations who can assist with your deadlines

One of the great benefits of multiple market competitors is that if one supplier is over-loaded with work and has advised they may struggle to deliver on a tight deadline, the other supplier can step in.

With an ever increasing demand on companies to deliver content marketing initiatives, partnering with multiple suppliers to resource Squiz Matrix expertise has been of great benefit to the Brisbane market. From basic content authoring, to website builds, to on-site implementations and business advisory, having the option to source from a pool of suppliers to meet corporate deadlines has been welcomed by the local digital community.

Supplier types to suit all types of organisations

There are some significant differences between Squiz and OSE in terms of company type and what each group bring to the Brisbane market.

Squiz are the creators of the Matrix CMS, and have a certain way of doing things, just as OSE does. At OSE we know that we’re ‘disruptors’ of the market and challenge the current state of how things have been done, and we’re OK with that. At OSE we’re innovators and pride ourselves on delivering services that our customers love, and will continue to work with organisations who match our ethos over time.

A different point of view on development best-practices

The beauty of the Squiz Matrix CMS is that there are a number of different ways to deliver a high quality solution. Yes there are best-practices, but it’s always useful to consult multiple parties to gain a consensus on what that best practice is.

With the expansion of Brisbane Squiz Matrix supplier market comes multiple points of advisory, which can only be a good thing. Not only does this offer an opportunity for improved product implementations due to consolidation of multiple advisory options, but cost effectiveness moving forward.

If you’ve used Matrix for a long time you’ll know that like any product, experience and time in seat can save you a lot of time. By gaining access to multiple parties with potentially differing points of view when it comes to solution architecture, the customer will more than likely benefit as a result.

OSE's industry-leading team of Squiz Matrix developers

To offer best-in-market Squiz Matrix development you need digital professionals with proven expertise not only in web development, but the Squiz Matrix platform itself. At OSE our team of Squiz Matrix developers have a minimum of 3 years industry experience across all aspects of the Matrix CMS, and are experts at delivering on time and on-budget for our customers.

Our Matrix developers understand the challenges which surround Squiz Matrix implementations and know what to look for when working on your instance to ensure a quality outcome. If you’re looking for a team of Squiz Matrix experts who can assist you with your Matrix CMS, get in touch with the team at OSE today.

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