Sourcing Brisbane Angular Development: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been around web design and development for a while you’ve probably heard of Angular. But did you know Angular JS, which was the first iteration of the framework released by Google has gone through significant changes recently with a total rewrite, language change from JavaScript to TypeScript, add has released three new TypeScript-based versions (Angular 2, 4 and 5)?

Sourcing Angular development expertise in your local market can be confusing, especially if you’re used to hiring front-end developers with JavaScript or jQuery expertise. But make no mistake, the latest versions of Angular are quite different from the first, so you need to know what you're buying before you sign on the dotted line when you engage a development agency to deliver Angular services for you.

In this article, we’ll help you understand what you should be looking for when it comes to Angular development. If you’re seeking Angular development in Brisbane, we’ll give you some insights as to the landscape of the local market and growth of the framework globally to alleviate any concerns or questions you may have about Angular so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

The version of Angular you develop in matters

TypeScriptAs mentioned, the first version of Angular was based heavily on classic JavaScript. The new versions of Angular being 2, 4 and 5 are based on TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript. What this essentially means is that the new Angular is backwards compatible with standard JS and requires a compiler to run, however a quality JS developer should be able to pick up the framework and use it without too much effort.

If you’re looking to build an application in Angular, you’re much better positioned to do so in the latter version of Angular. Although similar to the base version of the new Angular which is 2, moving to Angular 4 or 5 is the way to go. Because TypeScript is also more progressive in terms of its support for modern standards, error handling and is becoming widely adopted by other frameworks such as React, NodeJS and Knockout.

Angular as a framework is aggressive in its release cycle with Angular 6 planned for release approximately 6 months from now. So keeping up to date with your code-based implementations is important.

There is a wealth of fantastic Brisbane Angular developers available

When you think of really strong development pools for teams of developers, you may be thinking Silicon Valley, London, Sydney or some of the Scandinavian countries. However, Brisbane has a fantastic pool for Angular development experts with a wealth of TypeScript skills.

For years Brisbane was heavily focussed as a city on classic JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI and the like, but are moving towards using more refined frameworks such as Angular on what seems like a daily basis.

At OSE we’re constantly getting enquiries about Angular. Sometimes this comes in the form of “I heard about this new technology called Angular, what is it?”, othertimes it’s a more definite that “We want to build our new project in Angular”, either way Angular solutions have become a major part of our business offering.

As the Brisbane market seeks Angular development, and developers look to tune their skills set to the market and latest trends, Brisbane is definitely becoming a hot-spot for cutting-edge Angular development.

Angular is designed to be a fast-loading responsive framework

TypeScriptThe reason so many customers across Brisbane and Australia are flocking to Angular as the primary framework for the applications is because it’s lightning fast, responsive in nature, and works extremely well on all devices.

Angular as a development tool that is super-easy to work with, meaning updates can be pushed out with relative ease. The tooling and documentation available for Angular are also really simple to work with, meaning web development teams can produce work faster with more reliability than ever before.

There’s nothing worse than purchasing web development work from an agency only to find that the solution produced doesn't scale well on mobile, or runs slowly; with Angular this is a thing of the past as Google, the owners of Angular, develop this framework with the end-user in mind.

The Angular development community is massive (yes it extends beyond Brisbane!)

One of the concerns many customers have when working with a new development framework or technology is that it’s “too cutting-edge” and they won’t be able to find local developers who can work on their projects. In the case of Angular, this really shouldn’t be a concern. Because Angular is an evolution of JavaScript which has been around web development since the dawn of time, your concerns should be limited. The good thing about this is that developers with a solid background in JS and jQuery will be able to pick up Angular relatively quickly, with agencies such as OSE offering Angular services more broadly, Angular really is becoming a stalwart of the market.

Given the influence organisations such as Google have in the web development space, when they launch a product or service, adoption rates are usually very high. Because Angular is no exception to this rule globally, this means there's plenty of support online in forums such as a Stack Overflow, which is the widest used development-related forum on the net. If you’ve ever seen a developer simply Google the answer to a complex problem in front of you, chances are they’re going to be taken to a link to a solution on Stack Overflow, so this should give you some comfort.

Angular is a premium service but it shouldn’t break the bank

Because the Angular framework is designed to allow developers to create rich, real-time, serverless applications that are both responsive, run super-fast, and do not require constant page refreshes or calls to databases, you’re definitely buying a premium service when it comes to Angular development. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pay twice as much!

At OSE we price our Angular development at the same rate as any of our other custom-development services, giving the local Brisbane market and surrounding areas the opportunity to build their next project in one of the latest, most important online development frameworks released in recent years.

We’ve seen new technologies come and go at OSE, but Angular has definitely been a welcomed addition to the development stacks we recommend to our clients and is a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for Angular development services in Brisbane, contact our team for a confidential discussion.

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