10 Awesome Online Tools for Web Developers

There are literally hundreds of awesome online tools web developers can use to make their day a little easier and the products the produce a little better. At OSE we’re always finding new tools and being referred to handy services that help us deliver web solutions for our clients.

In this post we’ve listed 10 helpful tools web developers can use to offer their clients a better all-round service.

Image file size optimisation with Compressor.io

Recently we read a post on Hongkiat mentioning an image optimisation tool called Compressor.io. Compressor.io is similar to TinyPNG in the way that it significantly reduces the file size of image files without loss of quality. The cool thing about Compressor.io is that it optimises JPG, PNG, GIF and SVG files all with stellar results and is a tool we’ll be using more and more across an array of projects.

Compressor.io Image Optimisation tool

Free icons at Iconfinder.com

These days it seems like there’s rarely a project we undertake that does not include icons. One of the most frustrating components to this however is spending hours searching for icons to use and not quite finding the right one. Well we can’t guarantee that Iconfinder.com will have every icon you’re ever looking for, but it does have an excellent array of free ions you can download in SVG format and adjust as necessary.

IconFinder - Free and Paid Icons for download

The Braintree payment gateway

We recently completed a project for a client using the Braintree payment gateway. The cool thing about Braintree was that it was not only relatively easy to setup, but once we did set it up we found out there was a ton of great features we could take advantage of for our clients, as well as the fact Braintree only charge 1.75% + $0.30 AUD for transactions. Compare this with many other payment gateways and there’s some nice savings to be had over time.

Braintree payment gateway

Google’s mobile website page testing tool

Based on the same information that made Google's Page Speed Insights tool such a success, Google has released a ‘Mobile Website Page Speed Testing’ tool that is specifically built to assist you to improve the load time of your web pages on mobile devices. This tool is particularly handy because it generates a report which you can have emailed to you as a PDF so you can action the suggestions and insights with your team at a later date.

Google Mobile Page Speed Testing tool

Screen designs and functional mockups with InvisionApp

Over the past years or so InvisionApp has started to appear everywhere in the web and design world. This is a great tool to design partially working website designs which you can use to show your clients a very close representation of what they’re going to get after the development and testing phases are complete. At OSE we’ve used InvisionApp with a number of clients across projects of varying size and have always found it to be a great asset.

Invision screen design and mockup tool

Charts, charts, and more chart with Highcharts

At OSE we often get asked to build technical products for clients who are looking to deliver reporting services or visual representations of data on the web. Our go-to product in this space is Highcharts. Although there are a number of JavaScript based charting tools available these days, Highcharts has been able to deliver everything we’ve ever needed to and can be customised to do pretty much anything in the charting space. The API is easy to use and the product runs fast. Winner!

Highcharts Javascript-based visual graphic tool

Swagger API creation service

Documentation of technical services is a major business component of project work that web development agencies all over the world partake in on a daily basis. Swagger is one such tool growing in popularity that can make this task easier which lets you document your web services producing a neat and visually appealing API you can skin up with some basic CSS. We’ve used this to great effect on a couple of projects now and found it to be rock solid.

Swagger API creation tool

Contextual customer surveys using Feedback Lite

I can’t tell you how many clients have come to us and are looking to get a purpose built online survey tool created. Our answer, save yourself some money and use Feedback Lite. This tool is an awesome customer feedback tool and is extremely customisable. With three paid plan options and a free introductory plan, Feedback Lite lets you create just about any type of survey you would ever need, customise the look and feel of your surveys, the placement, and timings of your surveys to suit your needs.

Feedback Lite website feedback tool

Keyword generation with KeywordTool.io

If you’re in charge of putting together an SEO friendly piece of content or assisting clients with their site structure, Keyword Tool is a great resource packed with handy suggestions. You can use this tool to search for any keyword of your choosing across a vast array of location specific search engines and services with a paid and free version on offer. With the ability to filter your results and exclude negative keywords you can generate some highly targeted value-add keyword data for use online.

KeywordTool.io - Google Suggest based data keyword tool

CSS and JS code optimisation using Minifier.org

Fast loading production code is a thing of beauty, and the only way to get the most out of your code is to minify it using services such as Minifier.org. This service lets you paste CSS and JS raw code or point to remote files for optimisation. There are a number of tools online like this and we have had mixed results with a few of them, however Minifier.org seems to get the job done right every time.

Minifier.org - CSS and JS minify


If you're looking to develop a website and are always on the lookout for new and helpful tools, hopefully the above suggestions will get you out of trouble. We've provided a wide variety of tools which can help you deliver on your web development activities, and look forward to discovering more handy tools in the future.

At OSE we build websites for a diverse range of clients and can assist you to complete and support your web project no matter how big or small the task. Get in touch with our helpful team today for a confidential discussion.

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