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Mobile application development services for iOS, Android & HTML5

Are you looking to develop a highly scalable mobile application that's available across iOS and Android devices?

iOS app development

OSE's team of iOS developers have extensive experience building apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch that take full advantage of the features available within your Apple device.

With a preference for building apps in Apple's native language Swift, our native app developers are passionate about all things iOS and have the proven industry experience to deliver best-in-market iOS app development services.

So whether you're looking to build a public-facing, client-facing, or internal-facing mobile application; if you're looking to produce an iOS app that sets you apart from your competitors and showcases to your clients your edge in the market, talk to the team at OSE.

Android app development

The Google Play store is rapidly growing in size due to the vast uptake of the Android operating system. That considered, its vitally important your mobile applications are available to Android users.

Whether your user base is partially made up of Android users, or maintains a healthy base, that number is likely to increase as the shift towards Android continues to climb.

OSE's Android development team can assist you to deliver your mobile application for download across Android devices. Whether you're looking to roll out an Android version of an existing app, build a totally new app, or simply make updates to an existing app, our attention to detail is second to none when it comes to Android development.

HTML5 app development

Oftentimes it can be suitable to develop your mobile applications using a shared code base; i.e. HTML5.

In these instances you can save time, money, and more rapidly roll out updates to your mobile applications using HTML5 built mobile applications.

OSE can advise you on whether building a HTML-based mobile application is for you and is likely to suit your needs moving forward.

If you're looking to develop an app for both iOS and Android with a standard feature set, HTML5 apps a fantastic and cost effective option our team of mobile application developers and business analysts can assist you with.

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Why your business needs to develop a mobile application

At present a major trend towards mobile access to the Internet is taking place with desktop access to the web on the decline.

Mobile applications are easy to use, provide your customers with a superior user experience, and run fast, which is crucial to ensuring your users stay engaged. Not only this, but the chances your competitors already have one or more mobile applications which deliver niche functionality relevant to your customers is high, so you need to get on board!

Mobile applications are no longer a 'nice to have', they're a necessity. Smart phone usage is growing on a daily basis and business customers expect organisations to deliver their services over apps. Although businesses continue to rely heavily on desktop applications for day-to-day activities, the rise in remote working and requirement for field-service applications are major factors driving the mobile application industry's popularity.

So if you're deciding whether a mobile application is right for your organisation, or have some questions you'd like answered with regards to mobile application development, get in touch with the team at OSE.

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